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Bogotá March: August 29, 2013

August 29, saw thousands of students around the country joined a day of strikes and marched in numerous cities around the country including Bogotá and Medellin. This is a photo essay from a CPT Colombia team member. Follow the ongoing story at Storify. Advertisements

Dialogues over Strike Statement Start Off on the Right Foot in Segovia, Antioquia

Yesterday, August 22nd, the first peace march took place in the town of Segovia. It began at the humanitarian camp and concluded at the town square. This day of demonstrations took place in complete calm. It happened after delegates at the Roundtable of Dialogue and Agreement (MIA) resolved, as a goodwill gesture, to lift the … Continue reading

Roundtable for Negotiation Begins Today in Medellín, Following the Strike in Segovia

We, the small farmers, miners, and indigenous people from the towns of Segovia and Remedios, declare to all local inhabitants that the claims and demands that were included in the recently-released statement constitute the people’s historical rights. These claims seek to defend all the rights of the people who live in this area, who have … Continue reading

Primer: The National Strike in Colombia | 22 August 2013

Beginning on Monday, August 19th, broad sectors of Colombian society rose up together in a national strike. The strike, which is now taking place in cities and rural areas across the country, includes coffee growers’ unions, truck drivers, small-scale miners, students, teachers, health workers, farmers, and fishermen. CPT has had a presence at the strikes … Continue reading

Stones and Precious Metals

On Sunday, August 18th, young men and women from the rural communities of the Segovia and Remedios municipalities of in the department of Antioquia took to the streets armed with frustration, courage, adrenaline, and, yes, sticks and stones. They went out to the streets of Segovia to express their frustration at a system that has … Continue reading

Other Nations deserve to live Strong and Free as well

On July 1st Canada celebrated Canada Day. This is the day Canadians celebrate the creation of an independent nation since 1967; the national anthem sings, “The True North strong and free.” Canada is often named by the United Nations as one of the best countries in the world to live in: public healthcare, public education, good … Continue reading

Justice for Tito

New agressions by the palm oil company against the Las Pavas community On May 28th around 50 people of the Las Pavas community entered onto their land with the community tractor carrying palm branches in order to build a roof for their communal ranch house.  Upon arriving they saw various armed men come out of the … Continue reading

With Faith and Living Hope

With faith and living hope, Communities wait for justice to come, from denunciations made to the responsible institutions. Not all receive a response, nor all an appropriate one. They say, “The person you are looking for is not available”, or “you’re at the wrong office,” Without taking into account state and institutional incompetence. Farming families … Continue reading

Nonviolent action in Las Pavas; CPTer slapped by palm company lawyer

Illegal palm planting in Las Pavas, community resists with nonviolent action Aggression against national and international accompaniers results in CPTer being slapped by palm company lawyer by Tawd Bell The Magdelena Medio is a warm and humid place all year round, but things have become even more heated for the community of Las Pavas. With … Continue reading

Farmers denounce a new invasion of the disputed parcel of ‘Las Pavas’

Published by Semana.com, Tuesday, 10 July 2012: link here. Translation by Duane Ediger Farmers denounce a new invasion of the disputed parcel of ‘Las Pavas’ A farmers association that has occupied an estate intermittently for the last 16 years reported Tuesday that outside laborers invaded the property, the site of one of Colombia’s most important … Continue reading

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