Woman’s Social Movement Against War and for Peace

Silence the weapon so that women and the people may speak in defense of life and sovereignty.”

The Woman’s Movement Against War and For Peace is a collaborative process of 40 organizations including women and men, campesina and indigenous, urban and rural, workers and academics – that collects experiences, develops a woman’s common agenda and articulates a collective strategy for the construction of peace on local, regional, national and international levels.

Given that women continue to suffer socially, politically, psychologically, physically, economically and culturally at disproportionate levels, the movement formation came as a response by organizing, resisting, struggling and mobilizing – an inherent spirit in the organizational process. Their work exposes the critical situation of the armed and social conflict – a conflict that not only affects their bodies but also their territory, sovereignty and autonomy of all. This process has been able to streamline and articulate various processes and to construct individual and collective political rights.

Their campaigns continue to challenge the devastating affects of militarization and war in the America’s, specifically in Colombia. In 2010 they organized the Women and People’s Summit of the Americas Against Militarization calling into account the adding of US military bases in Colombia eroding at the rights of self-determination and sovereignty.

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