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Dialogues over Strike Statement Start Off on the Right Foot in Segovia, Antioquia

Yesterday, August 22nd, the first peace march took place in the town of Segovia. It began at the humanitarian camp and concluded at the town square. This day of demonstrations took place in complete calm. It happened after delegates at the Roundtable of Dialogue and Agreement (MIA) resolved, as a goodwill gesture, to lift the … Continue reading

Roundtable for Negotiation Begins Today in Medellín, Following the Strike in Segovia

We, the small farmers, miners, and indigenous people from the towns of Segovia and Remedios, declare to all local inhabitants that the claims and demands that were included in the recently-released statement constitute the people’s historical rights. These claims seek to defend all the rights of the people who live in this area, who have … Continue reading

National agrarian strike and roadblocks in Colombia

News from the national agrarian strike, where CPT has had a presence: Our partners at ACVC report that five campesinos were wounded late last night in Segovia, where the community was preparing for today’s public actions. One man was wounded in the ankle by gunfire, and the others with tear gas. Some thousands of campesinos are present … Continue reading

Community Pre-Hearing Features Testimonies Against AngloGold Ashanti

Between the 27th and 29th of June, about three hundred and fifty farmers, small miners, human rights defenders, accompaniers, and lawyers met in San Pedro Frío, a mountaintop town in the south of Bolívar where CPT has had a presence for several years. The purpose of this confluence, to which many Colombians had to travel … Continue reading

Other Nations deserve to live Strong and Free as well

On July 1st Canada celebrated Canada Day. This is the day Canadians celebrate the creation of an independent nation since 1967; the national anthem sings, “The True North strong and free.” Canada is often named by the United Nations as one of the best countries in the world to live in: public healthcare, public education, good … Continue reading

Mining in Colombia: At What Cost?

Mining in Colombia: At What Cost? 

From the Center to the Margins

In the beginning of his Gospel, Mark lays the foundation of Jesus’ mission to show the disciples and us a new way to salvation. At that time the Temple served as the center of Jewish life, the place where the economic transactions and social and religious rituals were suppose to sustain the community. However, often … Continue reading

They call out. Will you listen?

by Seth Wispelwey The campesinos of Colombia are are calling out. These people of the land – peasants, farmers and artisanal miners, the indigenous – are calling out for an end to the exploitation and environmental destruction of their lifelong territories and homes. They call out for a restoration of their livelihoods. Greed and violence … Continue reading

The deadly cost of gold mining

by Pierre Shantz Gold is the new way for illegal armed groups in Colombia to finance themselves, according to a new report by Bloomberg Weekly. But both paramilitary and rebel guerrilla groups have profited from gold mining in Colombia for years, so why has it become an issue now? Colombia’s gold reserves are some of … Continue reading

God’s Unlikely Table

by Kevin Baker On the last day of our Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation, we had big plans. We wanted to do a public action in response to the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (which is now a done deal). We brainstormed, we strategized, and we agonized over the best time and place and finally, we planned … Continue reading

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