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Just in Time!

Today we give thanks to the God of life that Claudia Maria Mayorga, a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, friend and peace builder was released on November 1, 2012 after eight months of imprisonment. Earlier this year she was charged with rebellion for allegedly conspiring against the Colombian state. Her friends and family never lost hope; partly … Continue reading

Micoahumado: Celebrating ten years of community sovereignty

Ten years of organizing, nine years as a People’s Assembly and a resilient, ongoing presence on the land: These were the achievements celebrated by the community of Micoahumado in Colombia’s Magdalena Medio region March 14. Student groups took up microphones and with song, dance and other artistic media created an ambiance of joy and hope … Continue reading

The Journey of Being Women

By Jenny Rodriguez The Popular Women’s Organization (OFP) has worked in the Middle Magdalena region since 1972. They are women on a constant journey, always working for and proclaiming their rights. When they feel their life is at risk, they always surround themselves with friends to talk about what is happening. This is the way … Continue reading

Only One Hope

The social organizations led by women are always the most vulnerable and least heard. Sometimes I wish God’s justice came unquestioned and fast. I see women who denounce the perverse and announce that which gives life, that which is to be enjoyed and shared with others. Others may be touched by the mantle which thousands … Continue reading

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