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Delegation Reflections: Women in Resistance

The July 2012 Colombia delegation is over. The focus of our delegation included the exploration of women’s issues in scenarios of violence and conflict. During the two week delegation, we met with several organizations that are partners of CPT. Representatives of these organizations shared countless narratives with us, with hope that we will return to … Continue reading

Against all odds

by Marv Funk, participant of the May-June delegation to Colombia As you walk in 44 C degree (111 C Fahrenheit) heat and 100% humidity, there’s a lot of time to think about where you came from and where you’re going. In this case our Christian Peacemaker Team delegation was heading to Garzal, a small community … Continue reading

Building bridges across borders

by Wilson Tan, participant of CPT Colombia’s “Learning Experience” which included members of CPT’s Race Relations Council and Steering Committee On our learning experience in Colombia, we visited the community of Garzal in the Simiti municipality in the southern Bolivar province. CPT Colombia has accompanied Garzal and their neighbors, the community of Nueva Esperanza, since … Continue reading

Are you a Doubting Thomas?

So often we cannot fathom the dire consequences of wars in faraway places: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Colombia. The tentacles of militarism reach into people’s everyday lives in these countries, making simple tasks dangerous. Meanwhile, many people can spend days, weeks, months, years without experiencing what war feels like and benefit from the resources in these … Continue reading

Mirage and reality in Southern Bolivar

by Isaias Rodriguez Arango, Holy Week delegation member, April 2012 “Colombia is a social state under rule of law, organized in the form of a unitary, decentralized Republic, autonomous from its territorial subdivisions, democratic, participatory and pluralistic, founded on respect for human dignity and on the work and solidarity of the people who belong to … Continue reading

They call out. Will you listen?

by Seth Wispelwey The campesinos of Colombia are are calling out. These people of the land – peasants, farmers and artisanal miners, the indigenous – are calling out for an end to the exploitation and environmental destruction of their lifelong territories and homes. They call out for a restoration of their livelihoods. Greed and violence … Continue reading

God’s Unlikely Table

by Kevin Baker On the last day of our Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation, we had big plans. We wanted to do a public action in response to the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (which is now a done deal). We brainstormed, we strategized, and we agonized over the best time and place and finally, we planned … Continue reading

A Campesino Farmer Initiative in Defense of Human Rights

The Corporation for Humanitarian Action, Coexistence and Peace in the Northeast of Antioquia, CAHUCOPANA, is a campesino organization, whose primary objective is to “struggle and build solutions to the humanitarian crises and the human rights issues plaguing rural communities in the municipalities of Segovia and Remedios, Northeastern, Antioquia. It is a region rich in natural … Continue reading

Armed men lurking in Santa Marta

CPT Colombia shares the following information about the current grave human rights situation in Northeast Antioquia. CPT is accompanying CAHUCOPANA in their struggle for justice. If you are interested in learning more about their great work please participate in the next delegation (July 14th to 26th) . Click here for more information. Men identified as … Continue reading

From the Center to the Margins

By Paula Miller In the beginning of his Gospel, Mark lays the foundation of Jesus’ mission to show the disciples and us a new way to salvation. At that time the Temple served as the center of Jewish life, the place where the economic transactions and social and religious rituals were suppose to sustain the … Continue reading

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