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National agrarian strike and roadblocks in Colombia

News from the national agrarian strike, where CPT has had a presence: Our partners at ACVC report that five campesinos were wounded late last night in Segovia, where the community was preparing for today’s public actions. One man was wounded in the ankle by gunfire, and the others with tear gas. Some thousands of campesinos are present … Continue reading

Community Pre-Hearing Features Testimonies Against AngloGold Ashanti

Between the 27th and 29th of June, about three hundred and fifty farmers, small miners, human rights defenders, accompaniers, and lawyers met in San Pedro Frío, a mountaintop town in the south of Bolívar where CPT has had a presence for several years. The purpose of this confluence, to which many Colombians had to travel … Continue reading

Other Nations deserve to live Strong and Free as well

On July 1st Canada celebrated Canada Day. This is the day Canadians celebrate the creation of an independent nation since 1967; the national anthem sings, “The True North strong and free.” Canada is often named by the United Nations as one of the best countries in the world to live in: public healthcare, public education, good … Continue reading

Mirage and reality in Southern Bolivar

by Isaias Rodriguez Arango, Holy Week delegation member, April 2012 “Colombia is a social state under rule of law, organized in the form of a unitary, decentralized Republic, autonomous from its territorial subdivisions, democratic, participatory and pluralistic, founded on respect for human dignity and on the work and solidarity of the people who belong to … Continue reading

Dreams 2012

Some dreams from our partners: “Happiness is not doing as like, instead it’s liking what you do, and analizing the good to transform the bad. Turn your life into a dream and your dream a reality.” Leidys of the Southern Bolivar Agricultural-mining Federation “An equitable Tiquisio for everyone, where we can raise our children, live, grow … Continue reading

Mining in Colombia: At What Cost?

Mining in Colombia: At What Cost? 

U.S. wants Free Trade Agreement while Human Rights Deteriorate

by Chris Knestrick While the United States considers a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia, the human rights situation in the Magdalena Medio region of Colombia has deteriorated dramatically, culminating on the 17th of August with a massacre in the township of El Dorado. The United States House of Representatives and Senate will probably vote … Continue reading

From the Center to the Margins

By Paula Miller In the beginning of his Gospel, Mark lays the foundation of Jesus’ mission to show the disciples and us a new way to salvation. At that time the Temple served as the center of Jewish life, the place where the economic transactions and social and religious rituals were suppose to sustain the … Continue reading

April 2011 Update: Garzal & Las Pavas

The visit by a judge to the communities of Garzal and Nueva Esperanza planned April 14th has been postponed. The 320 families of communities, are claiming the right to remain on the land they have worked for over 40 years. After the judge did not show up for the visual inspection – which only would … Continue reading

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