Garzal and Nueva Esperanza, Las Pavas

Social Processes that Transform Reality

Comunidad Garzal and Nueva Esperanza

In my great misery the Lord found me, reached down in the mud and rescued me.

He has seated me with kings and has let me rest.

He told me that he loved me and restored me, slowly gave me what the world could never give.

It is true that I am old but my hope stands firm,

As I move from church to church, writing verses of the Word

Just as before, I sing and sing,

Brining songs that fill my soul with joy,

Giving all my praise to Jesus Christ.

He is the owner of my life, He is the owner of my soul.

I owe him what I have and also what I lack, I want to always praise His name.

Lord of heaven thank you for letting me be me, you gave me what the world could not and answered my great plea.

Song “Mi Acordeón” – Music from the communities of Garzal and Nueva Esperanza.


The Monkey´s Song

I want you to know that not only are the farmers of Las Pavas and the entire region of South Bolivar displaced, so are the animals.

Hiding in a bush in the fields is a rabbit, he watches a family of monkeys go rushing by. (x2)

“Friend, where are you going?” the rabbit inquires, to which the monkey replies “Just take a kook over there; the people are displacing us with their giant machines.”

They have knocked down the wilderness where we used to live, plowed deep under Las Pava´s solitude.”

The rabbit thought and then replied: “Therefore I am also displaced, my father was killed, my mother passed away. I have been left alone; I am the only one left in the thickets, in the thickets only I remain.”



“Where does peacebuilding take place? Where does the transformation of our reality start? What are some of the tools that we should use to achieve peace? Where is peace born? The actual peace process has caused all of the sectors of society to mobilize in favor of an accord that will finalize the conflict, but has also evoked different feelings in these diverse sectors of society about what it means to sign a peace accord with the guerrilla.

These large scale processes with the goal of ending the conflict have lost sight of what keeps many Colombians moving forward, even when it appears they are not participating in important national decisions. In many areas, peace appears to be a leather coin that continues to lose value.

If we speak of peace while ignoring the historical struggles that have existed for years in Colombia we lose sight of the fact that a house is built from the bottom up and that therefore the transformation of our reality is not the decision that is made by 6 or 8 at a table in another country. What allows transformation to take place is the existence of social processes that seek, in the middle of this cloud of peace, visibility and justice.

In the communities of Garzal, Nueva Esperanaza, Guayabo, and Las Pavas are some of the processes that are being built in our country, processes that remain hopeful although distant from the important government decisions. These communities live their lives between songs, sermons, tears, and concerns hoping that truth will prevail even when the lie appears to be so powerful; their songs express the truth of what conflict looks like in our country and that the consequences of poor decisions always fall on them.

Even though in their songs they portray the reality of where they live and even though peacebuilding from the bottom takes place here, the sector of small agriculture is the least cared for. The government prefers to invest in the military system instead of in those who feed us.

I invite all of you to sing, to pray, to preach and to act in a way that protects the community processes in our country. I invite you to recognize the struggles taking place in our territory and to hold our hope in your minds. Peace is not something that falls from heaven, but something that we all construct together.

Music is how communities show the world their reality. Now it is our turn to commit to the work of allowing their voices to silence us then work so that their songs will never be forgotten.


Originally published at Seed


About CPT Colombia

CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams) Colombia is an International organization seeking to be allies for and partner with communities who are threatened with displacement and violence. We try to support their initiatives to promote justice and peace and their resistance to attempts by those who oppress them and seek to dispossess them of their land, culture and livelihoods.


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