Displacement, Las Pavas

New Acts of Terrorism Against the Community of Las Pavas

collageFollowing the recent attacks on the community of Las Pavas, ASOCAB, the farmers association relased the following denoucement.


THE FARMERS ASSOCIATION OF BUENOS AIRES “ASOCAB” denounces, before the national and international community, the acts of terrorism to which we are victims, which we add to our previous complaints of assaults by the private security department of the palm company APORTES SAN ISIDRO S.A.S.


On several occasions we have denounced the attacks carried out by private security department of the palm company APORTES SAN ISIDRO against the ASOCAB farming community, ranging from threats, crop damage, shots fired at community members, physical and verbal aggressions, all of which we have related to agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office and the National Police, at local, regional and national levels.

On Thursday June 27, 2013, in the presence of members of the international organization CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams), at around 11:10 a.m. a fireball was thrown, made out of socks tied with wire and soaked in diesel fuel, at the settlement of our community located in Las Pavas, in an attempt to burn down the communal ranch structure that is constructed of wood and palm and cause the death of those who were there. The fireball overshot the ranch bouncing onto the tin roof of one of the houses and fell to the ground.

A week later, on Thursday, July 4, 2013 at12:15 am when all the families living in the settlement were asleep, three fireballs were launched, using the same material as the previous, at the community housing and the two communal ranches. Fortunately one of the community members felt when the first fireball fell and woke up the rest of the community who came out and fortunately managed to put out the flames without any injury, was able to document that one of the fireballs came from the backyard of the company house where the workers of APORTES SAN ISIDRO SAS live.

These acts are creating terror in our community, we feel that despite the complaints we have filed the Colombian State does not provide answers or effective guarantees for the prosecution of these criminal acts that threaten our human rights, actions orchestrated and conducted by the palm company APORTES SAN ISIDRO SAS executed through its private security department, those of whom boast to acting in good faith, legally and legitimately.

We will continue to announce and denounce the imminent risk that we experience and the actions of the palm company APORTES SAN ISIDRO SAS who seek to displace and dispossess us of our territory.

Therefore we demand:

1. Investigations and sanctions for those responsible, the manager and company directors of APORTES SAN ISIDRO as well as their employees, for the violence against us and the violations of our human rights.

2. The guarantee that these events will not be repeated.

3. Rehabilitation measures and satisfaction for the community.

4. Guarantees to fully exercise the right of possession of the property of Las Pavas.

5. The adjudication of INCODER’s (Colombian Institute for Rural Development) ruling on the eleven plots of land.

6. The titling and eminent domain of the plots of land by INCODER.


Click here for more information (spanish)


About CPT Colombia

CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams) Colombia is an International organization seeking to be allies for and partner with communities who are threatened with displacement and violence. We try to support their initiatives to promote justice and peace and their resistance to attempts by those who oppress them and seek to dispossess them of their land, culture and livelihoods.


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